Meet The Board Members of Patrica Taborn Modeling Agency, Inc.

Santea Griffin

San is a proficient professional in child development and family relations. Upon receiving her Masters from North Carolina Central University in Human Development and Bachelors in child development and family relations, she became the director of Patricia Taborn’s Modeling and Talent Agency (PTMA) in January 2016. Crediting John Robert Powers for her foundation in Fashion Merchandising, she joyfully combines the two worlds to positively impact youth and families.  


Being an entrepreneur for over 15 years, San is passionate about entrepreneurship, community service and being a productive citizen, this exudes through the activities of Patricia Taborn’s Modeling and Talent Agency, Inc. (PTMA).  Most importantly, this agency bears San’s late mother name.  Patricia Taborn was an ordinary citizen that did extraordinary things, she too was an entrepreneur who loved people, helping people, giving back to the community and being creative. Watching her mother’s plight as an emerging entrepreneur empowers San to encourage youth and provide a platform for them to thrive.

Rhonda Cozart

Rhonda Cozart is the owner of Elegant and Extravagant Parties and Designs.  She, along with her husband Johnnie Cozart, started the company in 2009. E&E Parties and Designs offers full-service event decor and design service. Rhonda is the Lead Designer and she is known for creating elegant tablescapes. Rhonda has expanded her creative eye to also designing fresh floral arrangements. She has a passion for designing and space transformation.


Rhonda also has a passion for helping women entrepreneurs become successful businesses owners. Rhonda is also the founder of JEWELS.  JEWELS is a women's entrepreneur networking organization. She also has served as the Director of Patricia Taborn Modeling Agency, Inc. for 9 years. Her motto is "We are Blessed to Be A Blessing".



QC Event Planning

Floral Design Classes: English Garden

Member of EPA Event Planners Association 

Lena Anderson

Lena Anderson is a creative business owner and global branding consultant who uses her skills and platforms to bridge the gap between real life success and underrepresented media portrayal.


For years she has served as a fountain to those seeking inspiration, business advice or a good laugh. When she isn't working on encouraging positive change in media as a host on the podcast Philanthropy Is, she is consulting and educating entrepreneurs about the vitality of their brand via her platform LA Branding and Co-Owned Business Women Win 2Gether.


Born and raised in the Bronx, Lena grew up using her downtime to hassle the community with random questions and create media stories with her family, it was only right that she dived into her God-given passion as an adult. Her instinctive and innovative ideas have been used for not only her business endeavors but to also serve those with a like-minded vision. Her previous work with young children and her desire for her own children to be encouraged by positivity is what motivates her to see a change in the way people perceive their strengths as well as their weaknesses.


Her eight-year journey as a creative director in media has blessed her with an opportunity to create platforms that will honor the courage and sincerity of positive everyday role models the world tends to overlook.


"My goal is to make manifest the light I see shining in others. I am a catalyst for positive growth and awareness about those positive role-models for future generations to look up to."

Erim Akpan

Erim Akpan is an entrepreneur with expertise in marketing, analytics optimization, and content creation. She graduated summa cum laude from North Carolina Central University, where she graduated from the School of Business. Her studies in business led her to earn a dual concentration in marketing and entrepreneurship. Erim received the distinction of  Valedictorian.

Growing up, she had a number of empowering entrepreneurial experiences including pitch competitions, start-up weekends, design thinking sessions, and hands-on internships with start-ups. These experiences opened her eyes to the power of small businesses to transform communities and the need for more people to become owners rather than employees. She believes in the importance of fostering an entrepreneurial mindset  in our youth. 

LaKeisha Wilson

Lakeisha Green is a native of Durham, NC where she serves as a board member for PTMA.  Lakeisha has always had a passion for working with the youth and giving back to her community in any way possible. She has been an effective leader in Growth & Development of youth for 8 + years. "No segment in society can match with the power, enthusiasm and courage of the young people"


As a mother of a former Veteran model "TaTyana Wilson", who participated in the agency for most of her childhood, Mrs. Green is no stranger to the PTMA family. As a board member she works to assist with planning events, fashion shows and working with models.

A song that inspires her is "I told the storm" by Greg O'Quin. Despite trials and tribulations you are strong enough to weather any storm.

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